Black Arts Los Angeles

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Black Arts Los Angeles, Inc. (BALA) organization is to improve access to the creative arts for residents of the Southern California community while providing artists with information to help sustain themselves and promote their craft.

We will expose school-age children to art and artists and educate them the business behind creative arts.

We will assist creative artists by providing them outlets to display and distribute their work.  We will educate artists on how to promote themselves and their art.

The Black Arts Los Angeles, Inc. (BALA) organization will host art events which provide access to artists in an environment that promotes healthy exchange between artists and consumers.

We recognize that creative arts enrich the lives of residents and simultaneously create reasons for visitors to the region to spend more time and revenue in our community.  We also recognize that creative artists require assistance to help them market their art and establish connections with those who appreciate their work.

Our organization will assemble representatives of the art community, the art-loving community and educators to serve on our Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board will serve to ensure that our organization adheres to our principles and balances the needs of artists and the community.

This organization will not discriminate against or withhold services or assistance to artists with  regard to a persons sex, age, economic or educational background, race, ability, or gender.   


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